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September 13 @ 9:00 AM PT, 10:00 AM MT, 11:00 AM CT, 12:00 PM ET 
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 It’s Not Just About Having a Website – How Your Site is Built Really Matters
When I created my first private practice website, I thought that I could check my “Website launched” box, and be done with it. But, after waiting and waiting for phone calls that never came, I realized there was more to it that just getting any ol’ site up. I’ll show you why building your site CORRECTLY matters a lot. 
Why Your Website Organization Is MUCH More Important Than How Your Site Looks
I was really fixated on how my first private practice website looked. I cannot tell you how many hours I spent tweaking photos, colors and fonts. In the end, it looked pretty, but, it didn’t work! Later, I realized that yes, aesthetics are nice, but there was something much more important to spend my time on. Come learn about SITE ORGANIZATION!
How to Create Pages On Your Site That Get Your Potential Clients to Call You 
I used to think that no one would read long pages, so I kept my website pages short. But once I learned how that was hurting me, I began creating longer pages that were very well written. What a difference that made! I’ll show you had to do it, too. And, I’ll show you how to write those page so that you show up for searches online. 
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